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30 August 2006

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

I hate this stupid weather where it's stupid just too damp and cool for my air conditioners to work and stupid just too damp and warm to go without them. I would be a much happier person if the temeprature was, say, ten degrees either direction. Cooler and I could sleep comfortably with the windows open. Warmer and I could sleep with the air conditioner running. Current conditions? Too warm and damp to sleep and too cool for the air conditioners to do a thing about it. I'd likewise be happier if the temperature remained the same and the overnight humidty went down somewhere below 85%, because then I could be comfortable with the windows open right now.

I hate stupid computer programming and all my stupid ideas for how to make the stupid programs work better but no stupid skills to stupid implement the stupid ideas. I have these grand ideas that involve templates and whatevertheheck the C++ equivalent of Fortran 95's TYPE command is (probably a struct or something but I can't figure it out). Obviously if I'm asking about equivalents for commands then I'm not a place to actually do anything useful.

And I'm getting quite annoyed at my adviser, who has told me for every stinking project I've done to go get someone else's code to save time. I have no C++ coding skills because I get no practice. If my school had decent support for some kind of Fortran 95 compiler I'd be set, but I need to do everything in C++. I learned Fortran 95 inside and out in a couple of months because I, get this, used it. I'm also tired of him constantly misunderstanding what I'm doing because he doesn't have his own stupid clue. I say I'm running 80some simulations for such and such a number of steps to get a basline for where I need to really run, and he's baffled as to why I need to run things again. Um, because I intended it that way and if everything had fallen into place it would have been a very fortunate accident? I'd hold back the "Duuuuh!" if I hadn't explaned that already.

I'm quite tired of being tired all the time, too. I don't think melatonin is going to help me because my entire life has been built on ignoring my body telling me I'm tired, always so I can do useful things like spend two hours trying to write a program that I'll never use because I'll never get it to work and I have a time deadline and will end up using someone else's program anyway. So sleep inducing hormones probably mean nothing to me.

I'm going to bed now so that I can lay there sweating and not sleeping having fantasies about piles of computers getting smashed to bits instead of being out here with a demonstration of my fantasy an arms length away and no money in the bank to replace my computer if I actually do it.

29 August 2006

Not These Again

Part 1

First, this. Annoying, really. Let me quote the article.

There have been growing signs the Pope is considering aligning his church more closely with the theory of "intelligent design" taught in some US states. Advocates of the theory argue that some features of the universe and nature are so complex that they must have been designed by a higher intelligence.

As I pointed out once, actually many times but the one I link to is the most detailed, intelligent design is not merely the teleological argument. If you ever hear an intelligent design supporter define intelligent design as some variation of "natural things are complicated so they had to be made by someone/something" then you're not hearing about intelligent design, you're hearing about the teleological argument. (In fact, if you hear a young earth creationist say they believe intelligent design then you don't even need to ask for the definition; intelligent design is a modification of evolutionary theory and young earth creationists can't strictly believe it.)

I hope that the pope and those around him are smart enough to know what I'm talking about.

And I wish that people who say they believe in "intelligent design" would either find some backing to stand on or be quiet. If, like many people I know who say they agree with intelligent design, they are merely assigning a new name to a mainsteream philosophical concept over 200 years old, I wish they'd give us a break and use the old name. Christians look a lot less stupid when saying they believe God made the world than they look when saying that they believe a debunked theory they've never even heard of about how God made the world.

Part 2

I read about this list of top TV buzzwords. I find something really annoying about this definition

2. Wikiality -- (Colbert Report) Reality as determined by majority vote. See Pluto, the former planet.

How can reality be determined by a vote? Have we really lost our collective minds in this society to the extent that we think we decide or define what is? Colbert does satire, I know, so you need not answer those questions.

But as a realist I need to ask-- what changes about reality when Pluto is no longer called a planet? There was a vote involved, but I doubt any of the people voting gave much thought to what their vote was doing to reality because they were probably all realists of some kind as well. A description of reality has changed, but not reality, they think now. Or something.

But is a definition real in the same way as the thing it describes? If so, how does that fit into realism? Is my initial question a begging one, necessarily assuming an answer to how definitions fit into realism?

My head hurts. Talk on if you want. I suggest starting with the word "description." See Plato (yes, that's Plato, not Pluto) and decide whether or not observed forms are a "description" of the ideal.

24 August 2006

Pluto Demoted

Happiness abounds.

Read here.

23 August 2006

Post 496

That means that post 500 is coming up soon. I invite all of you (yes, all of you, even mom and dad and the mystery readers who I don't know) who read regularly to suggest topics for post 500. I might not do what anyone suggests, but then again if you don't say anything I might just do a sappy "How I feel about blogging" post, so it's worth your trying. Examples include:

"Post something that has no sexual innuendo for once."

"Tell me about my toilet's personality."

"What is the purpose of meaning?"

"Recount your favorite childhood memory. Did it suck?"

"Make a blank post. It represents your intelligence."

Come on, your turn....

I'm Really Sad

While most of you are happily tooling away in your sleep, I'm sitting in my office bored. Yes, my office. In the middle of the night.

This evening I installed a new package for Cygwin on Chelsea (my home computer) and Cygwin promptly broke down in a tangled mess. This is not good for someone who needs to practice scripting. So I decided to reinstall the Cygwin core and see what would happen. Even after I stripped from the core everything that I knew that I didn't really need (teTex, for example) and discovered that on dial-up the installation would take approximately 10 to 13 hours.

That was more than I could handle. I nearly cried. But a solution emerged.

I went to the bedroom to get my shoes and belt and told my wife "I'm taking Chelsea to school." She sighed and then said in her loud asleep voice "You're taking Chelsea to school? Okay." I decreased Chelsea's resolution to the monitor on Heidi, turned her off, grabbed her and her power cord from the living room desk, strapped her into the back seat of the car (quote from my wife "We'll never need the box"; quote from me "Yes we will"), and here I am. If my wife wakes up she won't have a clue where I am. And if Jon comes in I'll need to return his trackball (I didn't want to be bothered telling Chelsea I was using the regular mouse port, so I needed a USB mouse, but as you probably guessed I left it at home).

So here I sit, in my office, seventy-nine minutes after my arrival. Cygwin has been reinstalled and is functional. The reason I'm still here is that I figured I'd grab Fedora 5 images while I have Chelsea on a fast connection. Yes, I know a few of you already have those, but I've kept forgetting to ask for them. Now I won't need to bother. And I have this habit of getting my own copies right before new releases anyway....

Also, I need to give a special public w00t! w00t! to Jeff S. (see blogs on sidebar) for helping me get out of jail free on the Beowulf cluster and, in doing so, providing amusment for me by creating for my adviser what will be endless confusion about how the problem got fixed. (Repeat multiple times "I don't understand. Is [Jeff S.] working for [them] or is he a consultant?") So my research will again begin to make progress, even if my adviser does think I'm doing things the long way.

This place would be so more fun at this time of day if some of you were here.

21 August 2006

Ranking Nonsense

In this article I wasn't bothered by University of Chicago being a bit dull about the data they were seding to U.S. News and World Report. I was a little bothered by this statement

The university also stopped including alumni it could no longer find when calculating the percentage of graduates who give money.

Aren't those people they can't find alumni too? Those people don't need to be reported? And why can't they be found?

I'm off to do work. My adviser is a little concerned about my progess, which is a very strong statement for him to make.


We just got back from vising Jordana and her Husbandlet and the Squid. We had a good time there. The weather was warm and humid, though. I think we should all move to northern Michigan. Or Antarctica.

We got to play inside and outside, cooking food and making merriment and discussing the deepest of theological issues, watching some videos (MST3K shorts, etc.), playing with the Squid, talking to Jordana's parents, visiting their church, listening to newly spun yarns, speaking fondly of the old days, and so on and so on. Yes, I'm male, and although I'm not shallow with friendshiops I will do the traditionally male thing and simply list shared activities as the highlight of the weekend.

My advice for today, though, is thus: Please don't, when facing a conversation about foodstuffs, ask Jordana's husbandlet how he likes to pork. Ask him for recipes for cooking pork, since he has some good ones. A lot like mine, actually, along the lines of "Take some X and do wome Y with it and..." rather than a recipe with how much fo waht has to be put into what when. Narrative recipes. But don't ask for narrative recipes for porking :)

I got lost for 20 minutes in a rough part of DC on the way home. As I drove past one exit I was remembering "Last time I was on this road my father in law was driving and he told me that there was something tricky here. What was it again? Oh, well. I'll figure it out when it happens." I figured it out after a few minutes when I-395 ended and I was still on it. That's what was tricky. I was supposed to have gotten off at the nearly unmarked exit that had made me wonder origianlly. So, on surface streets, I pushed on. More like around. The only map we had was a really rough one, and it showed me my fatehr in law's recommended escape plan for when a mistake was made at the tricky part. I followed it. I-95 is evil, so spending as little time as possible on it made my evening go better, even if I did get lost for a while in L'Enfant's Ghetto.

18 August 2006

A Random List of Annoying Things

As I head off to Virginia for the weekend (my wife and I are going to visit Jordana and her Husbandlet), I figured I'd give you readers a list of things that have been bothering me lately.


This little gizmo has suddenly started failing while we're connected to the internet. No software upgrades were made or anything like that, it just started crapping on us. How long does a Windows install usually last? I might need to burn a whole bunch of stuff to CDs and do a little wipedown.

"Studies have shown..."

I hear this all the time, especially in discussions about medicine and health. My natural response is "Where's the study? Show me." I'm not kidding when I say this; I really would like to see it. But what I usually get in return is "Well, doesn't it just make sense...?" and the answer is "No, because if it did then there wouldn't be a study. Where's the study?" Of course, much of science and the scientific comes when things that make sense don't happen (which is why my reply tends to shut up everyone who isn't a scientist) so studies often do get done even when things just make sense. But consider what an article on my research would say if I didn't cite my sources-- "Studies have shown that this and that happens, and here's our theory about how it works. Those experimental results we compare to are from a study that was done by someone. I found it on a website but I don't know which one and I didn't bother verifying the reliability except that since I worked hard to find it it must be good. Go find it on your own if you really care so much. I don't, since we're off by a few percent anyway." If I were a reviewer I'd probably support publishing such a thing, just to shame the mindless editor who sent it to me for review in the first place instead of shoving it up the author's butt.


I hate it when I itch. I'm hairy and I itch a lot. I hate it.

Organic Milk

Why is regular milk bad for you? Because they give the cows antibiotics and growth hormone and then the homgenize and pasteurize and that's not natural so it has to be bad for you! Um, sure. Uh-huh. Not.

I will take this chance to point out that I know something about this subject. Bovine somatotropin is a protein hormone. Even if it did get into your milk, your body won't absorb it. It shares that quality with human growth hormone, insulin, and other protein hormones. Digestion breaks it down. Even cows can't digest it. If you want it in your bloodstream, or your cows, you need to inject it or pour it into open wounds. And I have my doubts that there are receptors for bST in the human body anyway. bST was unsucessful in treating dwarfism (the FDA says that this was tried in the 1950s; I bemoan their lack of a citation, but I give an articel from Science below that has references with those references. so bST certainly won't make you or your kids grow. And then there's the whole IGF-1 debate as well.

You can find some interesting real science summarized in a letter and it's bibliography in Science (vol 645 page 170). Note that this letter cites a peer reviewed study that contains statements completely contrary to many uncited statements of "fact" that you find on organic milk fan sites. (I saw one site that said that there was overwhelming evidence that rats are killed by eating IGF-1, for example, even though right there in Science is an experiment where orally administered IGF-1 did nothing to rats. This isn't due to inactivity in rats; rats injected with IGF-1 show effects.) The more ambitious among you will know how to do a cited reference search and find new studies that tell me why tese resutls are wrong. I haven't tried so you can go looking and surprise me. That would be so much more satisfying for you and for me than you blathering on about what is "right" and what "makes sense" and why those numbers just can't be right because they're tainted by industry.

Loud Bells

Look, we know that it's an altar boy or some other monkey, not God, and we understand the symbolism. So could you keep it down? I like smells and bells as much as everyone else but the smells needn't kill me and the bells needn't ruin my perfectly functioning meditation.

"There is overwhelming evidence...."

Generally if this is true it does not need to be stated. Overwhelming evidence for X has a tendancy to convince people that X is true before you have to bother pointing out that the evidence is overwhelming. If overwhelming evidence doesn't overwhelm then either you're making the evidence worth more than it truly is worth or the people to whom you talk are just caugt at a specific level of whelm. (Yeah, that means all of you in the ID/evolution debate, and everyone who argues over modes of baptism, What Would Jesus Eat, whether the bells should be rung in three threes or three ones, or how many angels can dance on a pinhead.) I've also never heard anyone say "Oh, the evidence is overwhelming. Well, that's good then. I believe you now. Thanks for setting me straight." Let's cut the rhetoric and actually say something useful.

I did a lot of research and....

And you can find anything you want on the internet. The amount of time you spend researching something, zero to your whole life so far, does not mean that you have the correct conclusions. The amount of time it takes for someone to come up with a rebuttal does not make the rebuttal right or wrong. And remember as you do your "research" that you need to worry just as much about why everyone else is wrong as you do about why you are right. A house of three cards is not easily broken, or something like that.

Kitten huffing

Note the specific problems associated with the orange ones.

People who check on things like whether this blog is the top on a Google search for "svchost.exe somatotropin huffing"

I predict that it will be, but if you bother remembering to ever check up on it then you're a sad, sad person.

16 August 2006

12 Planets

There's a CNN article on this, but I figuerd that instead of posting there I would link to Phil Plait's blog. The Bad Astronomer shares my opinion that it's sort of useless to be defining a word like planet. And besides that, his explanaiton is better than the one at CNN. He gets into things like barycenters.

I am POed that Ceres is being re-planeted, though. Or, I should say, planned to be replaneted. The IAU hasn't actually approved the proposal. As soon as it is passed I'm going to start screaming bloody murder-- "But Ceres is an asteroid, not a planet!"-- in mockery of those who have been crying over the thought of Pluto losing its title. Either that or I'll sart chanting "Most Very Educated Mothers Can Just Suck Up Nads, Puking-Chigger Xylophones!"

To My Math Friends...

and especially to the ones that told me less than a week ago that what I had heard must have been about the older developments not the conclusion even though I thought otherwise (to be fair there were some nuances we left out in the discussion so we probably said the same thing and didn't realize it)...

The Poincaré Conjecture has been proven.

I guess anyway.


15 August 2006


Today one of my schoolmates drooled on my shiny new copy of C++ Templates: The Complete Guide. But he can be forgiven. Today I also figured that since I was learning template programming it was about time that I learned LISP. I put it ahead of Ruby because I've known about it longer, but don't ask why I care about either.

LISP, it turns out, is actually a very nice language.

I think it's time I use my new found skillz in C++ templates and LISP to write Romberg integration routines. That's just what I do with programming languages, because I think Romberg Integration is cool.

14 August 2006

A Question...

Has the school e-mail been down all day or is my computer's internet connectivity degredation accelerating?

Proof That I'm Gullible

I recall a few months back posting about a mouse, and how I was hearing pitter-pittering feet in my kitchen late at night and how I even once saw a mouse in there. I'm not the kind to hurt a cute little furry, so I made a deal with my wife that if I caught the mouse alive then I could keep it as a pet. I suspect that she agreeded because she thought I couldn't catch live vermin.

Yesterday I went to the bathroom to express my feelings and on the way I heard pitter-pittering. The sound was coming from the bathroom, so I went in cautiously and heard the pitter-pittering coming from the bathtub. Sure enough, there in the bathtub was a little brown mouse. It had cute little beady eyes and a handsome tail. I watched for a minute as the mouse ran around and around the tub, completely freaked out by my presence. I called for my wife to come in only if she wouldn't scream and upon seeing my little furry she screamed anyway. That made the mouse start leaping on all four feet trying desperately to jump out of the bathtub. I had to stand there and talk to the mouse in soothing voice, telling it that things were going to be okay.

The mouse settled down after minute and was content to peer warily at me from behind a loompha on the floor of the tub. I then did what any sane person would do. I went to the kitchen to get the mouse a snack, ripe banana, and to the closet to get a box, the little square one that my Nazareth Speedway t-shirt and track flag had been shipped in. I put the banana in the box and tipped the box onto the floor of the bathtub. The mouse sniffed the air for a minute and, upon seeing the banana in the box, jumped right in for a nibble. This afforded me plenty of time to close the box. On the way out the living room my wife did agree to look in the box but only if I let her stand on a chair.

Fianlly, I did what any idiot promised by his spouse the right to make a captured animal into a pet would do-- I took the box outside and set the mouse free. You see, it was only on the way back in that I remembered "Hey, that was my pet mouse!" And then I realized why my wife had asked me, as I was getting the banana, what the mouse's name was. But of course she couldn't remind me that I had finally captured a pet for myself. Oh no. She urged me with great seriousness to "get it outside." And I fell for it.

So much for my plan to have a pet.

13 August 2006

Another Stinkin' Boring Night

Our friends were over for a few days and I had fun, although now I'm having my regularly scheduled feelings of not getting anything done that always accompany people visiting and visiting people. This summer has been a great season for that, something I partially blame on my wife having the entire summer free but that I also blame on the fact that it's summer. Summer is the season when people Do Things. Most people anyway. I get so much done in winter that anyone can be astounded. Next weekend I'll be similarly tied to the Virginia landscape on a visit of my own, the last for the summer, likely becuase we've run out of weekends rather than because we've run out of visits and visitors.

Anyway, one of our friends who came is a Disgruntled Chemist who was happy to know that I am a Disgruntled Physicist and who made me happy realizing it's okay to be a Disgruntled Physicist. So that was nice.

This boring night I did read my hotmail account and, surprise, I had a three week old e-mail from Alysia informing me that there was, as of three weeks ago, a brick in her living room. So I wrote back to ask her if the brick was still there, since the location of the brick dictates the future. Or something like that. My words, not hers. If you don't read her blog then that will make very little sense. Even if you do read her blog, very little of it will make sense.

This weekend one of my my dorm neighbors (from Saint) and classmates (from Electronics) from college is going to be in the area. His parents, for better or worse (did I really write that?), go to my church. He doesn't visit very often so I'm hoping I can take some time to talk to him. I think it's been something like two and a half years since I last saw him.

So tonight I've been home and bored. I didn't get anything done because I just don't know where to start. I need to get the Beowulf cluster to start working, and we thankfully now have a post-doc who is to work as our slave with computer things so I'll be seeing him (I think; you never know when there are more juxtaposed consonants than should be legal) next week. I'm depending on those results to get my Idea checked out. And my advisor has an Idea of his own that I was supposed to work on but that I now don't really remember what it was. I'm sure he'll be asking how I'm doing with it, too. And I'm also planning to reprogram a whole bunch of C++ code using class templates and other things that will make everyone's lives easier (except mine since I'm writing it).

So I was so bored tonight that I even logged on to AIM to see if anyone was online. Teh full count-- I was online and two of my buddies were away. No good, that. So I grabbed some popcorn chicken and some yogurt and came to the computer.

Now I'm remembering that I went to camp this week for a few hours. We were putting in signage for trailedge that a kid I know is doing for his eagle scout project. If I hadn't had an athsma issue I would have been more involved, but life's like that, especially when trails are very steep and the air is very warm. Seriously, these trails are steep. I'd be loving it if I weren't an out-of-shape lard tub that hasn't walked a mile in over a month. As it is, my lungs got upset and I dropped back to pack-mule duty, which was fine. Easier than digging and hammering. I also got to prune some thorny brush that was invading the trail and I got to study the still unofficial trail map. The camp will now have some great trails to wear out the campers on hikes, so I'm really happy.

I've been reading James Clavell's novel Shogun for the past few days. It's long enough that it will keep me busy for some time to come. And it will keep me busy until I drift to sleep on this clear, dry night. If I were sane I'd go outside and watch for Perseids dispite the moon, but I saw a huge one on Friday so I'm content to stay indoors.

I Am This Cynical

1) Oil prices jump when BP announces pipeline closing.

2) BP's people, on their own accounts, not the company's, put in futures contracts to sell oil at a later date for today's list price.

3) BP says that they aren't completely closing the pipeline anyway. Prices drop. Oil (real or on paper) is immediately bought so as to be delivered at the higher prices on the contract.

I have no good reason to think that this sequence of events really did happen, but I also don't have any reasons to think that it didn't.

09 August 2006

Travel Hazards

Truck Crashes in Texas, Spilling Aniumals.

A truck transporting zoo animals overturned Tuesday, spilling about two dozen penguins, tropical fish and an octopus onto an east Texas highway, authorities said.


Three penguins were killed by oncoming traffic; one died in the crash. Another penguin suffered a broken wing.

Poor Penguins :(

07 August 2006

My New Frozen Love

Turkey Hill has made me a very happy dessert eater. Yesterday I picked up a "half gallon" of Turkey Hill Mango Green Tea (or is it Green Tea Mango?) frozen yogurt. This is wicked cool stuff. Although my taste buds are in heaven, both for the flavors, which are a constant surprise due to the two pasel colors looking identical to me, and texture, as I've always preferred frozen yogurt, I have a feeling after a few munches that there's caffeine in that thar stuff. If you like mango and you like green tea, you've just got to try it.

(Of course, I do have at least one regular reader who is terribly allergic to mangoes, so even though I don't think he can get this product where he lives I don't recommend this product to him. Or anyone highly reactive to poison ivy.)

06 August 2006

It's Done!

The content-free paper is finished. For now at least. I'm sure it will come back with an empty red pen and nasty suggestions from reviewers sometime soon. But for now I'm done.

I've spent the past few hours fighting with Origin to get figures that are readable at printed size. The sizes of everything in Origin don't hold up when you export the graph (well, they do, but in that non-intuitive pixel-by-pixel sort of way rather than the size of the result). Amazingly this took much longer than converting the files to .eps (my method is to export .png files from Origin and then to do LZW compressed level 2 .eps using ImageMagick).

I'll submit it at a more decent hour when I'm coherent enough to package everything, write up a cover letter, and whing it over to the journal. I've got sound room duty at church in five hours so for now I need to get some sleep.

03 August 2006

Coming Out

Since I'm absolutely pissed at Latex right now, and at journals that all have their own way of doing bibliographies (Oh, let's start a new journal! I just discovered an unused permutation of formatting and ordering, so somebody has to use it! We'll call it Obscure Bibliography Formats: Their Uses and Necessity. My first article will be about wasting authors' time), I'm taking a break from my final ironing of my first scientific paper (definitely my first reject, as it's content free) to come out about a rather contentious issue.

I would like Pluto to be un-planeted.

Indeed, I have the same emotional attachment to Pluto as everyone. It is one of the nine planets that have been learned by, or more specifically taught to, a few generations of students. It's named for a mythological god of the underworld. For those of us who sometimes want to be different just to be different, it's been our favorite planet, distant, cold, and mysterious. It has a moon that's half its size, and two other moons that are really, really tiny. It's far out. It's the stuff nerds' dreams are made on.

What got me over my feelings to keep Pluto a planet was when I heard several months ago, on PBS, that Ceres was for nearly half a century called a planet. Ceres was un-planeted when lots of other objects like Ceres began to be found in a region of the solar system. Collectively we now know those objects, hundreds and thousands of them, asteroids, and the region with a lot of them as the Asteroid Belt. Most people you ask will have heard of the asteroid belt, but even a lot of educated people you meet won't even know that Ceres exists.

Today we're finding a lot of Pluto-like things out past Neptune's orbit, including Sedna, Xena, and Quaoar, and my favorite, the un-named 2003 EL61. There are more than these out there, I am guessing, and we'll be finding them as time and money allow.

Some people don't want Pluto un-planeted, though. One of the main arguments I hear "on the street" about why Pluto can't be un-planeted is that it would confuse kids. Kids are confused by their own feet, though, especially in our moderns science education, so I think there are far deeper educational concerns to consider than the number of planets. A main argument that I hear among scientific types is that there is no definition for a planet. I find it amusing that such people are trying to define a rather vapid term. (Fact, fact, fact! That seems to be all that any scientist wants, as if it is meaningful. Pardon my inner Feyerabendian as he pukes.) Even if we humor them, there isn't a good definition that everyone will agree upon. Everyone pulls her own idea out of the air and defends it like it is, among all, the only one that isn't just pulled out of the air. Heck, I don't even have a good reason for de-planeting Pluto except for historical precedent.

The one fact here is that there is no factual definition of planet informed directly by science, and when planet gets such a definition solely to make up a "fact" then it's going to be one that many people don't like and have good reasons for disliking. The best approach in these situations might be to make up new words to define using made-up terms, rather than to take old words and give them made-up terms. Planet, the way we use it, doesn't really mean what it originally meant anyway, so why even keep it?

For now, I think I'm going to get into the habit of talking about the eight planets. Ida and Dactyl have recently become my favorite oddity of the solar system anyway.

02 August 2006

Aliens Attack!

Microwaves from space heat us all to boiling!

We are doomed!