My Zunivers

04 April 2007

This Week's Zunivers

My adviser liked the draft of the paper. We worked out our differences in comparing our results to the experiments, so we can now complete the conclusion. I will finish it tomorrow and then we will send it off to a few people for commenting (including a coauthor who is a coauthor becuase I completely hocked his code, with his permission of course).

Meanwhile, my life has been a mix of...

Failing to find time to go hiking

Partial boredom with this spring's choir selections

Resentment towards fundamentalist whackjobs who don't like us hip evangelicals

Partial boredom with my current music collection. I have little that I want to listen to lately.

Re-reading Moneyball for fun (actually for lack of a better book) so that I can have yet another summer of conversations with people morons about how batting average and "tools" are so important in baseball

Not watching car racing on TV because I can't

Fretting about jobs, finding a few more places to apply, and avoiding places that require writing a proposal (which is very difficult because I'm trying to change subfields; three years of the same old crap has gotten boring). That avoiding ends tonight, bugger all.

So, you can see, my life is so interesting that I've had so much to write about. And that's why you haven't seen more posts. As I told Eric the other day, I think that there is a maximum in my blog output that reflects the amount of work I have, which increases my fodder and need for release, and the amount of time I have to write, which decrease as work increases.

We're on a lazy minimum now.

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