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27 April 2008

A Clap of My Hands...

to the Lehigh Choral Arts, for an excellent performance of Verdi's Requiem on Friday (and hopefully an equally good repeat on Saturday). My only complaint was that the Choral Union baritones could have used about one extra voice during the loud parts. Sadly, unless we move back to this area I will never be that guy again. I do, however, already have my eye on tickets for April 25, 2009. In row G, of course. Why sit anywhere else? (I have, and I'll stick to row G.)

I will miss this bunch, a lot. I learned a ton from the director and from the guys around me (and we had to work our butts off to compete with the women, who outnumbered us two to one). Where I'm going I will have the chance to join a less interesting choir that charges membership dues, has a boring director, does every concert only once, and on top of that thinks a lot of itself for being the only thing of its kind up there in those hills. I'm considering hanging up the folder for a while. I'll probably get it out again once I realize I've been spoiled. Actually, I broke a strap so I'll need to buy a new one. And, grudgingly, no matter how much smack I talk now, the urge to sing will have me doing that by the end of summer.

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