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27 April 2008

I Need to Share

Tonight I wrote to my dad and, as I wrote, I was reminiscing inside about times that I've had trouble with older people who seem to be clueless about e-mail.

I know people who don't write back when I send e-mail, but I didn't have them in mind. They at least read what I send and realize that what they're reading is real communication from a real person. I'm not talking about them. I'm talking about the ones who are really clueless, just like the people who thought that maybe Galileo really wasn't seeing reality through his telescope. It's only that historical context that keeps me annoyed with, rather than enraged at, people who have but cannot make use of technology.

Anyway, even though I'm not enraged, I'm not happy. Here's a taste of why.

Have you ever met people who have e-mail accounts and talk about using them but refuse to treat them with the same level of seriousness that they give to talking in person or calling on a phone? You and mom are ahead of your generation. Come to my church and you can meet two dozen people your age who will, for example, arrange a meeting by e-mail but insist that there be a phone call to confirm it. Even worse is when they call you six times to confirm the meeting, blame you that they couldn't get through making a call that you didn't expect, wonder why you dared think that the plan was still on after you didn't talk together in person or on the phone about it, and all the while never think that their e-mail account is useful for more than sending annoying forwards like some set of bunny pictures that's been wasting internet space, including one of my many addresses, for ten years. They have no clue how any whole household could even get more than one e-mail address, let alone one person. And telling these people that they shouldn't put their e-mail address in the church directory if they don't want to use it doesn't help, either. They put it there so like minded people can send them things like bunny pictures.

Cat sweatshirt people.




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