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25 April 2008

I'm heading to my sister's concert tonight (which would also be my concert if I hadn't given up singing for a semester), so that afford me the opportunity to use the internet. You see, we've been having phone line trouble all week, so I'm basically disconnected when home. My office seems to still have a working internet connection, so here I am for now.

I've decided on a job. It's not going to be in Canada, unless some grumpy Quebecers invade Pennsylvania and occupy Centre County. This summer I'm going to be heading to Penn State to work with a professer who I found by accident and who is way out of my league. I'm not sure why he found me to be a good choice, but I've decided to humor him and take up the chance to work with him. My guess is that it will be complete disaster that ends up improving the rest of my life. Just to confuse all of you who wonder what proteins have to do with physics, I'm not going to be in the physics department. In fact, I'm not going to be doing proteins anymore, at least not in the way I have been. I'll still be doing physics with a physicist, but studying polymers in an engineering department.

That decided (the stress over that has kept me from posting recently) I'm finishing up at the Big School, as my wife calls it. I just had my third paper accepted by a major journal. This week I started a project that has me doing my own major coding, for once, and I'm probably going to end up in cahoos with the grad studnts in my group to do none other fast project. The new project I started is actually pretty spiffy, and it's getting me into some of the deeper parts of statistical physics that I haven't had achance to study in detail before. There is one snag that might hurt its quality in the end (so no prizes for this one) but it can and will be done. Also, it iwll get soem citations. There are people here and in Kansas already waiting around for me to finish it.

All of this is really confusing to me, because I feel like I'm in one of those uncomfortable transitions in life. I'm sort of stepping towards being an honest to goodness for-reals scientist. I'm beginning to re-think the plans I had when I got into this thing eleven years ago, and I'm wondering how much I can stretch my dreams before they become delusions, or before they make me do things that are unhealthy for me or others. My usual course in this situation is to ignore it and go about life. A consequence of that path is that people think I'm stalwart and confident, a tall tower of reason and might. The truth is I'm just a fluffy little weak thing with a deep voice and lots of hair.

Anyway, feel free to post your well wishes here. God and I both know you won't be around to say them when it comes time load the moving truck :)

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  • I'm behind reading your blog but wanted you to know I'm #1 NOT saying goodbye, and #2 I WILL be there for the moving truck. I always am...

    We love you guys, despite that being a mushy statement. J.

    By Blogger judy, at Sunday, May 04, 2008 7:14:00 PM  

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