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23 November 2008

Brian Jones is Returning

Yes, he's coming back. I've been wandering over to his website every week or two waiting for the news. Why? I think it was because I found him to be refreshingly real and pointed, so I just had a lot of hope.

According to his homepage, he's going to be reorganizing a bit and setting up three blogs. I'm not much interrested in church planting and growth, so I won't link to that one. But I've moved Brian Jones back to the blogs on the sidebar, and I've added a link to his other new blog Megachurch Misfit.

(By the way, counting drafts that I did not publish, this is post 999 in this blog.)

KId Happenings

The first morning this week that we had snow, The Kid was very happy to see me when I woke up. What did she do? She came over and pulled on my leg and hand, urging me toward the patio door. When I got there, she pointed at the fresh coating of snow and, with a big smile, let me know that something unusual but quite delightful had happened. (She made the short-i sounding "Iiiih?" Iiii?" noise.) I think she might just like the snow a little. Actually, I've never met a kid who doesn't. I think not liking snow is a learned behavior.

We went to visit some friends tonight, and the dog (what's her name again?) was present. The Kid sees dogs on TV and in books all the time, and sees some dogs in our apartment complex. This was her first face to face meeting with a canine since dogs became Interesting. And she was quite pleased. As soon as we walked in the door there was a mix of "Bowowowowow!" and open-mouthed joy at seeing one of the Furry Animals up close. The dog was a black lab about the Kid's own height, but had not barked or been aggressive or scared upon meeting me, so after shedding coats and what-not I put the kid down on the floor to say hello. The dog walked over, sniffed The Kid's face, wagged her tail, and gave her a little lick on the cheek and nose. The kid giggled and petted the dog's snout, and then watched with glee as the dog went about her usual business of roaming the house.

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22 November 2008

Happy Yeti

It's winter! I'm so happy! I took my officemate for a walk today in the snow and ice. It could go without saying that he was a little less happy than I was. The air was a balmy 30 degrees when we left. The sidewalks were well plowed, but quite slippery in places from the sun thawing and freezing thin coats of snow. And a full-on snow squall kicked up as we headed toward the post office and then downtown to Subway.

As we reached the edge of downtown, the sky began to clear. I can't resist a good look around when light changes, so I stopped my officemate, who I suspect was pretending to be much more miserable than he really was, and turned him around to face southwest with me. The scene was remarkable. The sun was shining a yellowing afternoon light through the fog of blowing low-level snow, silhouetting the trees and buildings as they became more faint in the distance and tapering off into a bright blue of the clear sky. From front to back it looked like thick fog on the left to no fog on the right. From left to right the color went from a dull grey above the town to soft yellow throughout the trees and campus buildings to vivid blue about a white campus lawn. My first thought was how to set up the camera. My second thought was how inadequate that would be.

For those of you who keep score-- and I know you're out there because you harass me about it-- no, this snow was not deep enough for me to ski. It amounted to less than two inches of fluffy stuff. I need the fluffy stuff to be at least six inches deep. But this year's ski catalog did come in the mail today. There are some mighty good looking things in there, too.

I need to go turn off the heater in my bedroom and revel in the bliss of winter. Hey, I might even have found something in my simulations today that people have been trying to find for 25 years (in part because I know where all of them screwed up). It's been a good day.

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18 November 2008


I'm not liking my work right now. Nothing is going wrong, and that turns it into complete mental drudgery. If I wouldn't need to wear a suit and work insane hours, I would be a consultant. I could spend all of my time solving problems.

I have been letting my kid walk some of the way from the apartment to the car. There is a nice section of walkway that is not in the parking lot. She has one little bruise on her forehead. It's really funny to watch her trying to walk on sloped ground.

The kid has been speaking. She still refuses to say "daddy." Recent additions to the vocabulary include "up" and "read." Sign language is also coming along nicely. No, I'm not teaching her much of any of that. But have you ever seen a kid with a ginormous head try to nod yes? It's even funnier because she also nods her head for no and "but not the hippopotamus."

Quote of the night-- What is it called when you turn carp into crap? A vowel movement.

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13 November 2008

Shoes and Other Baby Things

My kid has been quite nice to me lately. On Monday I took my officemate to Wal-Mart for groceries. I had to bike home, and when I got home I sad to the baby that I needed to leave but I would be home soon. She looked at me with a little disappointment on her face, but then she smiled. She walked over to the front door, sat down, and started trying to put on her socks and shoes! I couldn't resist that, so I packed the diaper bag and took her along for the ride. On the way home we needed to drop off my officemate and his groceries. The Kid and I stayed in the car. Right before we left there I turned around and noticed that The Kid's socks and shoes were off.

Me: "You took off your socks and shoes!"

Kid: [smiles a big smile]

Me: "And where did you put your socks and shoes?"

Kid: [makes a serious face and points to rear passenger seat]

Me: [turns on dome light and looks; yep, there they are] "Okay. We don't want to lose them."

She's actually quite good about that. And she knows where lots of crap can be found. I have feeling that I now have another "Don't touch my stuff! I know where it is!" person in my household. She gets a little confused when her toys are put away.

Tonight I went in to her room when she woke up after a few hours of sleep. I picked her up, gave her a hug, put her back down, and told her she needed to go to sleep. She stopped crying and flopped herself into a comfy sleeping position. I could tell she had too much energy to go straight to sleep, so I leaned my head on her bed. She pointed at her dog poster and said "Bowowow? Bowowow?" a few times. I did what I always do and told her she needed to go to sleep. As she was settling down, she thought up a great idea. (I love kids. You can see the great idea on their faces before they even more into action.) She rolled onto her stomach, crawled over to my face, nearly leaned on it, and put her head down on my hand. As cute as it is to have a kid want to snuggle, I did need to turn down her offer this time. She was way too close to the edge of the bed. And my rule at night is to falling asleep without snuggling. So I moved her to the middle of her bed. As usual she tried to keep an eye on me so I would not leave. And as usual sleep won.

Poor kid's got a nice bump on her face where she split open her lip today. She fall over and did a vertical faceplant into the front of the desk. Her teeth seem to be intact, with no signs of blood or swelling on her gums that I could find. It seems that her lower lip cushioned her upper incisor's fall. And that lump will be no fun for her as it heals.

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06 November 2008

Reaction to the Election

A friend of mine said what I wanted to say about conservative Christian reactions to the election.

At This Party I said the rest of what I have to say.

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01 November 2008

Friday Night Bore

On Fridays there isn't usually too much going on on the intertoobs. There also isn't anything on TV, at least not that I can find. It's almost like the channels think that people are supposed to be out and that all the other channels are showing such better programming that it's not worth trying. When I had two channels there was just as much on for Friday evening entertainment.

My sister is singing this weekend back at the grad school. I wish I could be there.

I think I'll go admire my $40* bicycle headlight. I'm cheap, so I'm using a $30 flashlight with an LED and output pattern like the ones found in bike headlights that cost three to five times as much. It was just under $10 to get a mount that is basically sized to put a C-cell flashlight on bike handlebars. You can't beat deals like this. I'm going to be riding some rough woodland trail at night, so I can't be like the idiots who ride around campus at night with no lights, or helmet, or respect for stop signs.... For twice the price there are equally bright flashlights that use AA batteries and have multiple output settings, but I'm too cheap for that. I might mount my 2AA LED MagLite on my helmet, though, if I can ever find it. I lost that a long time before moving, but I never took it out of the apartment for any reason. It might be in those bags of crap that went from the old car to the old apartment and then to the new car.

[* The charger and batteries were another $40, but the $25 charger can be used for batteries for other things and the $15 in rechargeable C cells will pay for themselves compared to disposables within a couple months. The batteries didn't get into the box that was shipped to me, though. Hopefully that will work out okay.]

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