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01 November 2008

Friday Night Bore

On Fridays there isn't usually too much going on on the intertoobs. There also isn't anything on TV, at least not that I can find. It's almost like the channels think that people are supposed to be out and that all the other channels are showing such better programming that it's not worth trying. When I had two channels there was just as much on for Friday evening entertainment.

My sister is singing this weekend back at the grad school. I wish I could be there.

I think I'll go admire my $40* bicycle headlight. I'm cheap, so I'm using a $30 flashlight with an LED and output pattern like the ones found in bike headlights that cost three to five times as much. It was just under $10 to get a mount that is basically sized to put a C-cell flashlight on bike handlebars. You can't beat deals like this. I'm going to be riding some rough woodland trail at night, so I can't be like the idiots who ride around campus at night with no lights, or helmet, or respect for stop signs.... For twice the price there are equally bright flashlights that use AA batteries and have multiple output settings, but I'm too cheap for that. I might mount my 2AA LED MagLite on my helmet, though, if I can ever find it. I lost that a long time before moving, but I never took it out of the apartment for any reason. It might be in those bags of crap that went from the old car to the old apartment and then to the new car.

[* The charger and batteries were another $40, but the $25 charger can be used for batteries for other things and the $15 in rechargeable C cells will pay for themselves compared to disposables within a couple months. The batteries didn't get into the box that was shipped to me, though. Hopefully that will work out okay.]

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