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22 November 2008

Happy Yeti

It's winter! I'm so happy! I took my officemate for a walk today in the snow and ice. It could go without saying that he was a little less happy than I was. The air was a balmy 30 degrees when we left. The sidewalks were well plowed, but quite slippery in places from the sun thawing and freezing thin coats of snow. And a full-on snow squall kicked up as we headed toward the post office and then downtown to Subway.

As we reached the edge of downtown, the sky began to clear. I can't resist a good look around when light changes, so I stopped my officemate, who I suspect was pretending to be much more miserable than he really was, and turned him around to face southwest with me. The scene was remarkable. The sun was shining a yellowing afternoon light through the fog of blowing low-level snow, silhouetting the trees and buildings as they became more faint in the distance and tapering off into a bright blue of the clear sky. From front to back it looked like thick fog on the left to no fog on the right. From left to right the color went from a dull grey above the town to soft yellow throughout the trees and campus buildings to vivid blue about a white campus lawn. My first thought was how to set up the camera. My second thought was how inadequate that would be.

For those of you who keep score-- and I know you're out there because you harass me about it-- no, this snow was not deep enough for me to ski. It amounted to less than two inches of fluffy stuff. I need the fluffy stuff to be at least six inches deep. But this year's ski catalog did come in the mail today. There are some mighty good looking things in there, too.

I need to go turn off the heater in my bedroom and revel in the bliss of winter. Hey, I might even have found something in my simulations today that people have been trying to find for 25 years (in part because I know where all of them screwed up). It's been a good day.

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