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23 November 2008

KId Happenings

The first morning this week that we had snow, The Kid was very happy to see me when I woke up. What did she do? She came over and pulled on my leg and hand, urging me toward the patio door. When I got there, she pointed at the fresh coating of snow and, with a big smile, let me know that something unusual but quite delightful had happened. (She made the short-i sounding "Iiiih?" Iiii?" noise.) I think she might just like the snow a little. Actually, I've never met a kid who doesn't. I think not liking snow is a learned behavior.

We went to visit some friends tonight, and the dog (what's her name again?) was present. The Kid sees dogs on TV and in books all the time, and sees some dogs in our apartment complex. This was her first face to face meeting with a canine since dogs became Interesting. And she was quite pleased. As soon as we walked in the door there was a mix of "Bowowowowow!" and open-mouthed joy at seeing one of the Furry Animals up close. The dog was a black lab about the Kid's own height, but had not barked or been aggressive or scared upon meeting me, so after shedding coats and what-not I put the kid down on the floor to say hello. The dog walked over, sniffed The Kid's face, wagged her tail, and gave her a little lick on the cheek and nose. The kid giggled and petted the dog's snout, and then watched with glee as the dog went about her usual business of roaming the house.

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