My Zunivers

18 November 2008


I'm not liking my work right now. Nothing is going wrong, and that turns it into complete mental drudgery. If I wouldn't need to wear a suit and work insane hours, I would be a consultant. I could spend all of my time solving problems.

I have been letting my kid walk some of the way from the apartment to the car. There is a nice section of walkway that is not in the parking lot. She has one little bruise on her forehead. It's really funny to watch her trying to walk on sloped ground.

The kid has been speaking. She still refuses to say "daddy." Recent additions to the vocabulary include "up" and "read." Sign language is also coming along nicely. No, I'm not teaching her much of any of that. But have you ever seen a kid with a ginormous head try to nod yes? It's even funnier because she also nods her head for no and "but not the hippopotamus."

Quote of the night-- What is it called when you turn carp into crap? A vowel movement.

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