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31 December 2008

Kid Updates and Such

Having been sick for a week and only wanting to "nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh," The Kid has become a voracious eater once again. Yesterday she downed a good sized ham sandwich, some cheesecake, roast beef, rice, and six ounces of whole milk. Yes! Whole milk! The Sippy Cup Strike of Late 2008 was broken. Today I don't know what she ate with her mother, but at supper time at Panera Bread* she had a good section of my roast beef sandwich-- she liked the horseradish sauce!-- along with a couple potato chips, some multi-grain bread, and some lemon poppy seed and pineapple upside down cakes.

Overall I can tell that the child's Understanding vocabulary is growing by volumes. She can understand complete sentences, answer yes/no questions, perform simple tasks when asked, and that sort of thing. I'm a little cheesed that her Speaking vocabulary is right around non-existent. I have heard isolated repetitions most of the several dozen basic phonetic sounds that we use in English, including rather difficult things like dental frictives and plosive bilabials, so she is physically capable of speech.** But she still refuses. New words do come in, though. She has started being more clear about "Hi!" and "Byeeeee!" Her sound effect library is growing. It now includes "wooo-wooooooooo" for trains.

One of the kid's favorite Christmas gifts was her box of crayons. She now has something new to pack and unpack from a box, and a new dietary delight. Her least favorite gift was the coloring books. When I start coloring in her coloring book she takes away the crayon and shows me what it is really for. Silly chicken.

Tonight we got to go frolic in the frigid frost and see the end of year festivities downtown. We did not find the procession, alas. We did find many ice sculptures, including dozens of small ones anda few large ones that were carved on-site today. The large ones included a Nittany Lion, complete with a line to have pictures taken with the lion. There was a huge chair, some bears, a giant U S. Capitol, and many other delights. The baby was Cold after a while, and beign Hungry and Cold made her Unhappy. My officemate was with us and he took a few pictures. And we found reindeer. Yes! Real, live reindeer. They were pretty. We came home, so I will not be able to see the midnight fireworks. But it was a lot of fun.

Happy New Year, everyone! Make sure to take some time to ponder why an arbitrary day on the calendar draws so much pondering about things other than how it is merely a days on a calendar. That's the crazy thing, really. The new year means something because it does, not because it should. Let that be a lesson to anyone who thinks too hard.

[* Jesus can forgive sins, so eating a yuppie snakepit will cause no eternal harm. As with any sin, I am worried about the temporal consequences, like the nagging feeling in my conscience that I patronized one of Those Establishments.]

[** What the heck kind of father who isnt'a linguist or speech therapist notices those sorts of things? Or even knows what to call them? I suck.]


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