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06 December 2008

Same State, Different Valley

One of the greatest parts about Pennsylvania is that a huge chunk of the state, including the Appalachian Mountains and associated lowlands (meaning not out west), is basically ridge and valley province. (See here.) Some sections of the Great Valley are piedmont province for all practical purposes, but they are basically just in a darn big valley. In fact, the Great Valley isn't usually known by its name. Various parts are known by names, though, and those names come from the rivers that traverse the valley (like the Lehigh, Schuylkill, and Susquehanna rivers). For practical purposes, this means that when I'm in the parts of the commonwealth that I tend to care about I am usually in a valley.

Anyway, that's long way of saying that I've left Happy Valley and I'm spending the weekend in the Lehigh Valley. Lehigh University has Christmas Vespers at 4 and 8 on Sunday, and my sister is singing. Sadly, there basically isn't time to see most of you. Maybe I'll catch you next time.

[P.S. Riding my bicycle in the dead cold of winter is great fun. Any and all areas that can have mud have frozen dirt instead. And there is nobody out there. It's bliss.]

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