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31 December 2008

Where Has Nate Been?

I've been around.

Christmas was pretty much a bummer, because my wife got norovirus a few days before, and then the kid and I had it. Now my wife and I both have Colds. Personally, I think a dose of antibiotic is in order for me, but doctors are Scrooges about such things so I don't bother asking unless things get bad. So, yay! I got to spend my non-existent Christmas vacation not doing any of the work I needed to do because I was sick. My reward is that I get to have very little fun AND I get to have my boss annoyed with me for not getting things done. It's win-win for losing.

(This is related to why most Christmas Letters bother me. If you're going to write Sap about how good your life is, could you send it in, say, February when my life doesn't suck? Seriously. December has been a Bad Month for me for a few years running. And remember that this only applies to Sap, not to Good and Well Written Christmas Letters.)

Readers may have noticed that I don't post many links and rants on the theme anymore. I've been posting those on Facebook. If you're not on Facebook, you're not online.

State College has a bunch of strange New Year festivities, most of them today. Among other things there are bonfires, concerts, fireworks, dozens of ice sculptures, and-- I kid not-- a procession in which volunteers gather to carry drums and giant papier maché puppets around the streets for an hour.

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