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08 January 2009

We got the ice storm up here. Kind of cool. It was fun to see trees covered in a thin layer of ice. I'd like some nice snow, which would be fun because then I could ski the bike trail. But sadly I seem to be doomed to another winter of skycrap. At least up here the trees can hold half an inch of ice and not break in half, like that tree did when I was out taking pictures in the freezing rain in Whitehall last winter. That was scary! I didn't get any good pictures of this ice because there was no sunlight. We're trapped in lake effect snowclouds.

I did get to work to do some things today, which is useful. I have more to do, though. In fact, I have more data coming in than I can process. I might have some simulation results that match with some new experimental results that another research group is going to be presenting at the same conference where I am going to present mine. If my results do work out, that would be nice. So would a vacation to New Hampshire right about now. They have real snow.

I've started trying to get The Kid to talk by being exceptionally encouraging. In other words, I ask her to say things, and I lavish her with praise for getting at least some of the sounds. She has responded well to this, including spontaneously saying "I love you" to me and giving me a kiss before toddling off to see what her mother was doing. Totally adorable. She has also started babbling more to herself, which is in the right direction.

Today we packed some of The Kid's toys into a box in her closet. This serves two purposes. First, it keeps the mess level low. Second, it keeps the toys from being a familiar sight, so she is more likely to play with them. She is also interested in showing me the new books that she got for Christmas.

Speaking of new books gotten for Christmas, I got a few. Of note are Otto of the Silver Hand by Howard Pyle (with original illustrations!), Overtreated by Shannon Brownlee, well neigh everything Poe ever wrote, Butt Rot and Bottom Gas: A Glossary of Tragically Misunderstood Words, and a shiny copy of Walter le chien qui pete. (For anglophones, that is Walter the Farting Dog.) We got other things, too. In a fit of restraint, I am not going to gloat over this year's take.

My fish Rufus is On The Way Out. Yep. He's packing up to buy the salmon farm. If he is fine spending his last days not eating and just sitting on top of his tall plant with his mouth near the surface, so be it. I tried giving him fish antibiotic, but after a few days he has not responded. (Granted, he could have a gram-negative infection, but I don't have that kind of money.) So I'm going to let him rest in peace. He looks comfy and calm. I do need to figure out where to bury him when he goes. When I asked him, he had no opinion on the matter. He just puffed up his gills and wiggled his fins at me sleepily.

I don't think there is anything good on TV anymore.

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  • Have you seen Time Warp on the Discovery Channel? That's a fun show.

    By Blogger Jeff, at Tuesday, January 13, 2009 8:47:00 PM  

  • It is a good show! I like the way that words like "force" and "energy" and "pressure" and such actually get used properly sometimes.

    I was being hyperbolic about TV. I couldn't find anything good the day I made the post. But overall there is some entertainment. Scrubs, House, Mythbusters, This Old House, Dirty Jobs, The Colbert Report....

    By Blogger Nate, at Tuesday, January 13, 2009 9:06:00 PM  

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