My Zunivers

03 February 2009

Kids Learn Quickly

My kid's nose was running something fiercely the other day, and it was right after we had snuggled down in the computer chair to listen to some music, so I did what any dad on a mission to relax and out of reach of a tissue would do. I pulled off my sock and wiped the kid's nose.

Fast forward a week. I am chillin' on the sofa watching the TV. The kid comes up to me with a bunny rabbit doll and looks rather concerned, pointing at the bunny's nose. Then she pulls off one of her socks. She proceeds to wipes the bunny's nose and upper lip while saying "No[se]" a few times and some other undecipherable babble (probably "Honey, don't use your sock on the baby's face! Get a tissue!"). Then she holds up the bunny for me and smiles a huge grin. The bunny gives me a kiss, then the kid gives me a hug and kiss and gives me a quick wipe under my nose with the sock, and then they disappear off to the other side of the room, stopping every here and there to check the bunny's nose and give it a quick wipe.

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