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31 March 2009

Speaking of Illness

I'm tired of having colds. Stupid colds. It's the rugrat who gives them to me, too. Grrrr....

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28 March 2009

Kids Can Be Funny

I need to share this story, which I e-mailed to a friend this week....

Madelaine and I went for a walk on Tuesday, and as I walked on the bike path carrying her she started pointing to some of the trees and saying "Ihhhh? Ihhhh?" That's her way of saying "What is it?"

I kept saying "Those are trees, chicken." After we went back and forth a few times she started becoming more insistent. I decided to stop and let her show me what she was talking about. I asked her "What are you asking me about?" She leaned over and pointed to green bud coming out of the branch on a tree. "Ihhhhh?"

"Oh," I said. "That is a bud. It is where the leaves will grow on the trees."

She looked at me sort of confused, then pointed to the leaves on the ground and said "Leav?" I explained to her how leaves grow on trees and she probably doesn't remember seeing leaves on the trees because the leaves fall off in the fall. She seemed content with that, then smiled and pointed again at the bud on the branch and said "Trrreee-buh."

She leaned her head on my shoulder and we walked the rest of the way home in silence.

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11 March 2009

Hokey Frack!

Ever see a 2-bore rifle? Quick calculation...

"bore" equals "gauge" when you are talking about large British rifles...

"2-bore" equals "2-gauge"...

gauge equals "number of balls that can be made to fit this diameter barrel from one pound of lead"...

so, the final result...

2-bore bullets weigh half a pound each.


And yes, it takes several hundred grains of powder to launch one of those.

More ouch?

Here is a video of some guys shooting off one of these suckers with reduced loads.

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09 March 2009

Public Service Announcement

Alive? Yes. Happy? Not really.

Maybe, just maybe, I'll catch up on personal e-mails and then start posting again sometime soon. For now, I'm pondering life in the desert.