My Zunivers

30 June 2009


A year ago today, I drove to Rhoide Island for the conference that kicked off my first real job.

A year from now I will be unemployed and have to make tough decisions about which child to eat first.

Life's like that....

15 June 2009

A Post

in which I whine, make excuses, offer a Flintstones reference, and then try to sell you on pop culture.

I'd like to write up some things about spiritual gifts, a little politics, some rants about how Americans shut down instead of engaging, and a few other random topics. But these days, spending eight hours a day staring at a computer to do work, I simply can't stand staring at a computer screen to write in a blog. Trust me, though, I compose some really good blog content in my head. When I sit down to write it, I can't make it come out again. What I really should do is carry around some stone tablets and a dictabird.

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