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04 September 2009

I'm Confused....

I'm very, very confused. Very confused.

Barack Obama wants to talk to schoolkids, making a speech that he hopes will be broadcast to classrooms all throughout the land.

Also, parents are throwing fits.

And for me, this doesn't add up.

Many parents I know defend sending their kids to school-- viciously. Their ferocity make me wonder if they really actually agree with me about primary and secondary education and just get testy because they feel dirty inside. If you tell them schools are dens of sin and rebellion they tell you kids need to learn how to live around that sort of thing. If you tell them that works in the real world where there is heavy moral coaching but fails in an abnormal environment that, rather than mimicking real life, breeds social norms and standards of its own-- guided only by large hordes of same-age child or adolescent peers-- they shrug and say that's just the way life is supposed to be. And they tell you that really, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what happens to their kids at school because they, as parents, know that they can just filter whatever their kids pick up from everyone else.

Look, people-- have you even considered that school might be hurting your children simply for the fact that school is rooms full of kids? No? But then you think you can just undo anything bad? And then you think you can't filter out a little Barack Obama speech? Is that the biggest problem you can see with your childrens' schools, that they might see a President on TV? You send your kids to school to make them more mature by having them learn to get along among people you disagree with, but you can't have them hearing a politician you not only haven't heard but you already know you disagree with just because he is who he is? Are you acting this way to try to prove that schools can teach your kids about maturity better than you can?

I've met five year old kids who make more sense. My mind boggles.

Go away and come back when you make some sense, please. For the love of everything good and purposeful, go away and come back when you make some sense. Please.

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